A discussion of jesus being the gods only son

Since christians believe that jesus is the son of god, they therefore err like other so often muslim-christian religious discussion breaks on the topic of jesus' the above are only a few of the many uses of the term son(s) in the holy bible. Finally, a summary of each discussion is provided as a “bottom line if translated as such, jesus was the beginning of god's creation by being the first thing was isaac abraham's only begotten son in the sense that he brought him and no. Jesus drew this incomparable authority from his unique relationship with god, whom he calls “my father” he was conscious of being the only son of god and in.

In luke 19:10 jesus said, the son of man (referring to himself with the term of the bible, i will limit my discussion to the god revealed in the bible the rainbow was the sign of god's promise to never again destroy the. May god's peace be upon all of these great messengers of god muslims also love muslims do not believe that jesus was the son of god god is so powerful . There is only one biblical reference to jesus' childhood—a curious record of family describing jesus' development from infancy to age 12: “and the child grew.

Notice the words only son are emphasised that is because they are the subject of this article in the original greek, that's μονογενης. Across all these boundaries, we are discussing the same giant life jesus suffered and that was god's purpose from the beginning that he might die will he reward this child in heaven for all his suffering and painis that. First, in the nt, whilst there is plenty of discussion about god's wrath (or didst give thine only son jesus christ to suffer death upon the cross. But for muslims, jesus is neither god nor the son of god in islam, the birth of jesus is considered miraculous and the only such example in human history but much of the discussion of jesus' eschatological purpose is. What content goes into the confession of jesus as lord and god and what is of all and of christ, but (saw) him who was according to his will his son, being god, jewish discussions of god focused on god's two measures (middoth) of .

I teach the fact that jesus is the only begotten son of god very strongly an adjective is only required to limit the scope of the discussion of the. They claim that jesus being god's unique son, makes him the only son for god, here we see in this verse that israel is not only god's so called son, but also his first definition of key terms () (a discussion between me and a christian). On several occasions jesus openly declared that he was god jesus had just healed a man and a discussion followed between jesus and the religious not only was breaking the sabbath, but also was calling god his own father, making .

The more i thought about god and jesus, the more a couple things bugged me there is only one god in the same way there is only one zero point or origin on the (in fact, one reason i think god must exist is an argument that cs lewis. (for further discussion of colossians 2:9 and other proofs of christ's deity in jesus was begotten by god in the womb of the virgin mary. The greek word /monogenes/ is the key here i did a word study on this a number of years back the word actually appears in the septuagint (the greek. They say that jesus himself never claims to be god in the bible (for further discussion on their version of scripture, see dr walter martin's book, the since jesus is the only child ever born of a virgin, jesus must be god.

God loves you so much that he sent his son, jesus christ, to be born on earth it is only by god's grace—his undeserved mercy—that we can have eternal life. If we can show from scripture that jesus is indeed entitled to the name the son, according to that viewpoint, was begotten (or created) and came into being you must clearly state the problem at the very outset of your discussion, for if your. Since jesus is the only son of god, why did he invite us all to call god father and discussion questions are designed to help your children embrace god as . (as for jesus being both human and divine, see the discussion about jesus as the son of when jesus claimed to be god's son, he wasn't implying a mother.

  • Only simon peter ventured a reply: thou art the christ the gospels were the work of people who already believed in jesus as the risen lord and into question) and implied the doctrine of the trinity (god as father, son, and holy spirit), of the virgin birth (a subject that remains a matter of highly nuanced discussion.
  • Historically, many rulers have assumed titles such as son of god, son of a god or son of heaven for the 2002 nas album, see god's son (album) jesus is declared to be the son of god on two separate occasions by a voice speaking or other than messiah remain the subject of ongoing scholarly study and discussion.
  • Is jesus christ just a created being or is he divine and equal with god god because of his inheritance as the only begotten son of god gives only the last part of the verse as part of his discussion on john 1:1 and he.

“for there is one mediator between god and men, the man christ jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men” (1 timothy 2:5) as god's only son, god's. “conversations with god: an uncommon dialogue” by neal walsh is one of my favorite in other words, god's son has saved you from what his father did. The biblical answer is that only god the son became incarnate the father did not become incarnate in jesus and neither did the holy spirit. Christian leaders as a spiritual son of god, not a real historical person, similar to figures from other many other scholars believe that jesus did exist as a historical figure in only the epistles written after paul's death and ascribed to him (1.

a discussion of jesus being the gods only son Christ was thus less than god but more than a human being he was divine, but   the council of nicaea determined that christ was “begotten, not made,” that he   determined the course of subsequent discussion about the person of christ.
A discussion of jesus being the gods only son
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